Under Vidya Vahini Project - Trust supports talented students from financially disadvantaged sections of the society, who are studying in government schools and aided schools. Recipients for this scheme are identified through an eligibility test while they are in 7th standard and meritorious students are supported from 8th standard until 12th standard. Some of these students, depending on the performance and circumstances, are supported during their degree courses also. Before selecting a student for scholarship under this project, a thorough background check (including visit to the home of the students) will be done to ensure that student meet the economic criteria set by the Trust. Under this scheme, education related expenses of these students like admission fees, school fees, school bag, books, bus pass, etc., are supported by the Trust. In the academic year 2018-19, around 80 students are studying under this project and objective of the Trust is to increase the recipients under this scheme to around 250. Since the commencement of this project in 2007, students who studied under this scheme, have become graduates (including BE) and pursuing CA, MBBS, as well.
We sincerly thank Chiguru Educational Trust for their active participation with us in making this project a real success story.


At the three activity centres, tuitions are conducted for students from 2nd standard to 10th standard. Trust has taken help of few teachers from the nearby schools to take tuition classes for the students. These teachers are paid honorarium as a token of appreciation. Many volunteers who are employed or running a business,home makers and students who studies under Vidya Vahini project, also take tuition classes every day. Apart from teaching, these teachers and volunteers monitor the performance of the students by conducting tests and also mentor them to ensure that performance of students improve continuously.

Trustees and volunteers conduct regular meetings with parents of students who come to tuition classes. In these meetings, we seek to understand the situation at families, steps to be taken so that focus of parents and students is firmly on the goal to secure good academic performance for students. In these meetings, we also discuss problems which might be hindering the performance of students and try to resolve such issues. Trust is also promoting adoption of ‘Sapta Sutras’ which is basically certain actions and values to be adopted by families which we think will have a positive impact on the lives of elders as well as students in the family. You can download the ‘Sapta Sutras’ here.


Trust has signed MOU with Department of Education, Government of KARNATAKA, TO ADOPT 4 Government schools and provide teachers to teach subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English and basic computer operations. Apart from teaching formal subjects mentioned above, the teachers also help instill moral values by organizing workshops. Trust also undertakes other activities like providing steel plates to have midday meal, organising health camps for students, providing school kits to students, etc.


Under this scheme, about 600 economically backward students from nearby localities are identified and school kit consisting of school bags, note books and geometry box along with pens, pencils and other accessories are distributed to the students. This program will be held generally in the month of June.


In the month of March/April summer camp will be organized for about 100 children where they will enjoy many activities like learning handy crafts, the art of storytelling, drawing, singing patriotic songs, etc. This helps students to overcome ‘stage fear’ at an young age and also enhances their communication skills.

Trust also organizes a 2-day summer camp for college students who also volunteer at the Trust. This camp focusses on multiple aspects of their character/personality development. In this camp, students are given guidance on topics such as developing leadership qualities, setting and achieving goals, service to society, time management, etc. This helps students to develop leadership skills and an attitude of ‘Seva’ which helps them to contribute to the society to the best of their ability. These volunteers conduct ‘Baala-Gokula’ sessions for young children at different schools and also help in organising many events at the Trust premises. Apart from this, Trust organises various talks on several Sundays of the year on topics such as improving handwriting, managing time for studies, how to overcome exam fear, etc.


For about 250 students of 15-20 high schools from the adjoining areas of the Trust, an inter high school competition is held in the categories such as essay writing, singing, pick and speak, drawing, etc. Students are awarded attractive prizes and also given certificates. Trust is also looking at expanding this activity by conducting inter-college competitions. We welcome participation of volunteers like you to make this activity a successful one.


Trust is maintaining a small library for the benefit of students. Currently, there are about 2000 books and the plan is to increase the number of books to 5,000. The variety of books includes knowledge oriented books, novels, comics, etc. The intention of this project is to cultivate the habit of reading among students and enhance their English and Kannada reading capabilities.


Each year in the month of December or January, around 150 children are taken out for one-day or two-days trip. In the last few years children have been to many places like Chitradurga fort, Shivagange, Srirangapattana, Balmuri Falls, etc. We also organise excursion to all teachers who teach at our tuition centres.


Trust runs a Crèche facility for young kids aged between 18 months to 4 years. Experienced care takers, take care of these young kids playing with them and also depending on the age teach alphabets, song recital, etc. Mothers who work in the nearby garment factories make use of this facility to leave their kids with safe hands while they are earning to take care of the family.